The Theology of Infinite Possibility

Perhaps God is simply our andromorphic way, of getting a concrete handle on the infinite possibility.

All the possibilities, that can occur at this moment. Just like a songwriter, who gets inspiration from beyond, we reach out and grab hold, and manifest something into our current reality.

Everything is possible, and we choose what to manifest. Through our will and our ambition, our determination to manifest something. It is us that makes it happen, but we are not the creator, we are manifesting from the infinite possibility.

So our concept of God, a cartoonish character of sorts, a hero of fables sometimes, as well as a demon. It’s all there, but it’s up to us to manifest the reality that we choose, the reality that we select. In that sense we are God, we don’t create the possibilities, but we can choose to manifest them. We are the authors of our own reality, creating the universe in every moment. We can create heaven or hell, through our actions, or in actions; as adults we must manifest a future worthy of our children.

This is why True Love is so crucial, as True Love is the optimal manifestation, the very peak of beauty and trust and Love, True Love is the optimal path through the infinite possibilities, to manifest heaven on earth.

– D. Wilbanks

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