The Lotus

We had a tea ceremony at sanha of this morning, and I set out mama’s rock, and the green crystal lotus, upon my coffee table altar. The Green Crystal Lotus was picked up, in Chinatown, on vacation in San Francisco, with my Love. There are a lot of Buddhas I could have bought, but I couldn’t make up my mind. The green crystal lotus however, it had six petals on the inside, representing the six members of our family. It’s perfect.

As the morning sun rose, for about 10 minutes it sh through the green crystal lotus, shining themes of light across the coffee table. it was showing me how the light shines through each of us.

Reflecting on Jess getting married to Matt, I can see now that the next level of petals on the lotus are all of the spouses and family to come. It’s a trinket picked up for a few dollars and a Chinatown gift shop. But it symbolizes everything that’s in my heart, our family, our Love, and the light of Love that shines through each of us.

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