The Truth has many sides

“…the biggest gift of mindfulness has been
understanding that my mind is not an accurate reflection of the world,
that it is a result, that my perceptions are so conditioned that they don’t
match reality, and that the Truth has many sides.”

Dharma Teacher Cheri Maples

The insight this enlightened:

To be present for someone, is not to be just your True self, but to also include the other, and their True self. If you are truly present, your are present ‘with’ them, seeing the Truth from their vantage point, understanding their perception, helping one another to embrace Truth compassionately. True presence includes full empathy and compassion, as part of the presence.

Additionally, from this same Dharma talk

“Compassion and Love” are abilities, not just emotions. They are abilities that a bodhisatva realizes and brings to fruition, for the benefit of all beings.

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