In the historical record, Jesus is the most influential spiritual teacher that has ever walked the Earth. For people to twist his revelations of Truth, into dogma and religion, is not only a disservice to Jesus, but a fundamental corruption of our humanity. -D.Wilbanks


Oak’s Giving Heart

This past week, Zoe (Oak) dog sat for our friend’s the Howard’s, three nights and earned $180. (Thanks Neil and Debbie for your generosity 🙂 Z kept $20, put $80 into savings at the bank, and donated $40 each to the following two charities. Z has the heart of a warrior, and the generosity… Continue reading Oak’s Giving Heart


The Truth has many sides

“…the biggest gift of mindfulness has beenunderstanding that my mind is not an accurate reflection of the world,that it is a result, that my perceptions are so conditioned that they don’tmatch reality, and that the Truth has many sides.” Dharma Teacher Cheri Maples The insight this enlightened: To be present for someone, is not to… Continue reading The Truth has many sides