Consciousness == Reality == …

I’ve come to the understanding that Consciousness, Reality, Interbeing, and God concept are all one. Interbeing is such a beautiful description, Thay is truly a poet.

In Peter Russell’s book “From Science to God”, he lays out that consciousness is a fundamental aspect of reality, not separate.  That every ‘thing’ has some level of consciousness.

A dog has it’s own perception of reality.  For a dog, Shakespeare doesn’t exist at all, might as well be in another universe from their perspective.  So the same holds true for us, at a higher level of consciousness, and for, let’s say, a rock, at a lower level of consciousness.

It clicked for me, when I realized how a rock perceives reality.  If you kick a rock, it moves.  It has perceived the energy from your foot.  It is conscious, that is ‘aware’ enough to perceive that.  A rock can absorb heat from the sun, and is aware of it on its level, as it able to release that heat back out to it’s surroundings.

Therefore, all Reality == Consciousness.   What we cannot perceive, like the dog and Shakespeare, we call it God.   That does not make it supernatural, as I realized years ago, it simply means we don’t comprehend yet what it is.  Consciousness aka Awareness, is a property of reality, like color is a property of light.

So Reality, Universe, God, Consciousness, Interbeing, Truth, Dharma, Now: it’s all the same thing.  There is no separateness.  There is no separate self.  No future, No past, No No self, No separation.

From this, I realized, I am not a Software Developer.  That describes what I do when I’m at work.

I am not a Dad, that’s what I do when I parent, I love my kids.

I am not a Husband, that’s a name for my side of the relationship I have with my wife.

There is no self, there is only the all.  It’s beyond Interbeing, it’s simply the all.  We know it in part, and in part we don’t, and it’s healthy to know the boundary.  This tells us what we can know and what we must allow for not knowing, and that is fine.

My limited words cannot do justice to the sacredness of the eternal Now.

Consciousness and Awareness are the same thing. Thay often refers to awareness, and people certainly have different levels of awareness, from person to person, and from moment to moment.


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