‘No “person” REALLY wants enlightenment, and never has.

What IS enlightenment? Does any “person” really understand what it means?


No “person” ever becomes enlightened, because enlightenment is seeing that the illusory person you thought you were, along with all other seemingly separate objects, never existed and never have. It has always all been ONE. No person chair, earthworm, or molecule has ever been separate from you, and you have always been the awareness that pervades the entirety of it.

What do “people” want? Liberation from suffering… except when they don’t. Most people are far too caught up in their drama, enjoying building the image of themselves they have in their minds, and that they hope you will see when you meet them, utterly lost in their internal dialogue of what to “do” about their “problems”, or day to day concerns that don’t matter, and that they don’t have control over anyway. Most people are completely content with this, and it’s fine. This single thing that everything is takes care of its own balance, and always has. These “people” have never been apart from it and never will be. If it is important for the to lose their separateness the will come into the conditions that precipitate it. No need to do anything.

Some of those people will happen upon conditions that seem too difficult to go on with, become tired, and know there is a flaw in this life. They will come to suspect that there is something false, or superficial about it, but perhaps they can’t quite put their finger on it. They will look upon a lifetime of watching themselves get out of control with anger, or fear, or hatred, and not understand why it happens over and over again. They worry that they are bad people because they can’t stop – don’t like the obsessiveness or lack of control in themselves, and yet find themselves starting the cycle of it all over again afterward. They will look on a life of drinking binges, or drug addiction, or therapy, or television, or their phones, or even thinking about how things work and wanting to uncover it through spiritual seeking, or relationships, or psychedelics, or even science and realize that none of it works. None of these are a path to liberation. They want out. They dedicate themselves to a path and surrender.

THESE are the “people” on the path to seeing.’

— Sorrenson Carruthers


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