Self: The Core Delusion

“Attachment to self, is the core delusion.” – D. Wilbanks

Lose the delusion of self, and you are left with the Truth.  Peace, Joy, and Harmony become manifest naturally, with no effort.

This is why we meditate.  This is why we meet and support one another.  Peace, Joy, Harmony, Love, it is the nature of the Cosmos.  Enlightenment.

It is what the ancients perceived, and enshrined in their religion.    Now, we know it face to face.   We don’t need to die physically to make it to Heaven.   We need the delusion of self to die — in the Now.   The delusion of self makes us think we must die to make it to Heaven, when Heaven is already above our heads, beneath our feet; we already dwell in the ultimate.   By letting go of our attachment to self, our core delusion, we finally realize it.

The self is not a separate self-entity.  That is what the Buddha learned, and teaches us. Now, this day, January 4th 2018, I realize it.


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