Christmas Awakening

Christmas this year was the best.   Jessie Jo was home all day Christmas Day, we had her all to ourselves.    Her presence truly was the best gift I could have ever received.  She really means so much to me, and I’ve missed her so. (Note: I see Josh regularly, but Jess is working and school, so rarely see her.)

Josh is doing so well, I loved seeing him at work Saturday, he was so happy and offered me a sandwich.  He’s really growing up; his ongoing recovery has been a huge blessing, and I’m so proud of him.

All of December was wonderful:  Kevins’ 50th birthday party, Jake and then Zoe’s Christmas concerts.  Seeing Monica and  Lilly.  Seeing Maw Maw Vickie, and all the family and crew in Kings Mountain.  Sharing Christmas with Jon and Ruth and Mom.  More than ever, Christmas is about being together.  Being present, as Thay teaches.

Today, the first day of 2018,  I came to the realization, that my pursuit of wealth has been fruitless, a needless concern I must let go.    Wealth will not solve any problems, and it eats up my energy and time in the Now.   Since Now is the most precious thing we have, I want all my energy, joy, and efforts to be part of my presence, so that I can truly serve my family.  Not with money, with my presence.

Such a burden has been lifted, and I feel free to be me, without reservation or concern.

Free to Love Teresa the way she deserves.
Free to be truly present for my children.
Free to bring Joy into people’s lives.

This awakening comes from Thay’s teaching, and from the examples I’ve learned from in our sangha.  Being present, without delusion, contains all the happiness and joy we’ll ever need.  As Thay teaches, we already have all the conditions to be happy.  And now I realize what he is teaching.  By losing the false perceptions, and embracing true reality, life becomes abundant and wonderous.

In this new year, I’m committing to deepening my spiritual journey, by:
– Daily meditation
– Visiting one of our monasterys
– Deepening my relationship, and commitment to the sangha.

I aspire, to be my true self, my best self, and to be continually present, for myself and others.  May my peace and joy be as fragrant as Kevin’s and Charline’s and all those in the sangha that have helped me along the path.  I aspire to be as solid and free and peaceful and joyful, and to Love my Life.

I’m so happy to be so blessed with such wonderful family, my children, Teresa, my Kings Mountain family, Jon, Mom, it’s so much and so good.

Yesterday, at Pani’s I had the honor of leading the meditation.  In sharing, I discussed how presence made such a difference at Christmas.  I realized, how priceless it would be to have Paw Paw Wilbanks, here, with us, with my kids, for just 1 day.  How much would I pay for that?  There’s no price, it’s beyond value.   In that same realization: He cannot be here now, but aren’t the presence of the people that are here just as priceless?  Would I trade Christmas day with all four kinds being home with us, for anything?  No, I would not.

Presence, truly present, is priceless; we are here for each other.  That’s the meaning of Life, to be here for each other, in the sacred reality of an eternal Now.   That simple.






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