Live Simply, Live Deeply – realization

Reflection on Thay’s passage in “Happiness in the Present Moment”:

“I shall learn to know what is sufficient, to live simply,
so that I have time to live deeply every moment of my daily life,
giving my body and mind a chance to heal,
and to have the time to look after and protect
those I have vowed to love.”

Live Simply
We will eliminate all financial debt from our life (not including mortgage,).  Our family will become debt free.  This is TRUE freedom.

Live Deeply
Every relationship in my life will be taken to a deeper level.  My relationship with Teresa, with my children, with the Earth, with myself, with my Sangha.  Deeper still.

Having hit bottom, I realize that the bottom is deep.  To Live Deeply, part of us needs to stay at the bottom, where it is deep and humble. (the seeker of Truth must be so humble…)

With Love,



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