Hard Lessons Learned

Wreckless Optimism – is looking at your child with one eye closed.  You are totally blind to the Truth of the problem.

He acts out to find the boundary, he subconsciously needs the boundary to feel safe.  When parents don’t have a boundary there, it’s like he’s on the edge of a cliff.  We have to have strong, solid boundaries.

Because he’s 18, doesn’t mean he’s an adult. He’s your son, and always will be.  He’ll always need good parenting, we all do.  Things don’t change just because of a birthday.

To care for ourselves, we must establish boundaries of what we will accept.  If we do not tolerate lying, cheating, stealing in ourselves, why would we accept that from someone else?
Step back and look at yourself in the relationship, and if that were a friend whos’ child treated them like that, what advice would you give them?  Wouldn’t you tell them hell no, don’t take that crap!

When we cave to the demands, and don’t let consequences occur, we are stealing our child’s integrity.  Stealing what they should have, what they need to be whole.

There is help, there is hope, there is a higher power within that can save us.  We need it.



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