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So much

So much has happened the last couple of months, haven’t had time to take a breath and blog it all, but at a high level:

  • Thankful that Josh and his friend didn’t get hurt in the car wreck.
  • Sports cars are for race tracks, not public roads.

Bigger than this though, one thing I’ve realized.  I’m 50. (will be this year).

Didn’t ever understand that, but now I do, thanks to some eye opening truths from Thay, and from my friend Guy, sharing his life experience.

You know what else?

I Love Teresa.   She is mine, and so much better than me.  I Love Her, I do.   And I want us to spend the rest of our lives together.  Hopefully she will feel the same in time, if I treat her with the Love she deserves.

Maybe what has been wrong with me is going away.   Maybe I’m seeing the Truth finally, and finally losing most of my false Perceptions.   Perhaps I’ll fulfill my destiny as a Father.

It’s all here for me Now.  And I’m so thankful.

So proud of Jessie Jo – one of my best friends.

Proud of Josh – strong willed to the end, a good man with a good heart. He and Cassie are a super couple.  What a heart they share together.

Proud of Jake – My talented, soft-hearted, brilliant son who I adore.  So, so blessed that he is healthy again.  Let’s make the most of every day together.

And proud of my Zoe, the lover of animals, and another of my best friends.  Thank you for always doing your best.

Love Dad



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