My Realization: Youth is Impermanent, but Now is Eternal

My realization at this week’s Sangha, is that I have ‘grasped’ at my youth.  I’ve always said, “I’m the same person I was when I was 18, shouldn’t I be the same now?”.  This false view made me crave the things an 18 year old craves.

Through Thay’s teaching, I see now that I am not the same person.  I’m the ‘now’ person, I’m different than I was yesterday, and much, much different than the 18 yr. old me.   Realizing this shattered my illusion of youth.  I’m not a person from the past, I’m a person Now.    Nor is my wife the 23 yr old I met, she’s my wife of Now.  We are not those people , we are Now.    Youth is impermanent, but Now is eternal.

I am Now, and I love myself, and I love my Now wife.   It’s great to be 49, and to finally know who I am, truthfully, without illusion.  The Truth sets me free from suffering.  Now I’m free to Love my wife, and Love myself, and to Love my children as we truly are.

Very thankful, thank you Buddha, thank you Christ, thank you Henry, thank you Gandhi, thank you Eckhart, thank you Thay, thank you Leslie, thank you Gideau, thank you Maw Maw, thank you and honor to all my spiritual teachers.  May I pass the knowledge and Truth forward, and bless even more.


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