To Be Yourself

To Be Yourself, is the foundation of happiness in life.

The main thing it takes, is the courage to discard what others have told you to be, and thus to emerge as a new creature, leaving the old skin behind.

Have the Courage to Be Yourself.

This is what Jessie Jo has echoed back to us, in her words, and in her life.  It’s so true, and I so love that child.

To Be Yourself, you must learn to be Present.  Then you can be present for others, and bring them into the Present, so that they can Be Themself.

This is a better understanding of Thay’s teaching on being present.   Being Present and Being One’s Self are the same, at this next stage of enlightenment.

Stage 1:  Be Present
Stage 2: Be Present + Be Yourself
Stage 3:  … we’ll see, but I suspect it has to do with blessing others in this fashion…some actions required.



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