Path of Truth

A wise young rabbi once said, the Truth shall set you free.

Everyone needs to be on a path towards Truth. Some paths are long and winding, and are based on long held beliefs. Some paths are short and direct, and based on eternal truths. No matter, everyone’s path is sacred.

To follow a path, you need a leader to show the way.

To be a leader, you must be grounded in the Dharma. Else you will not know the way to show.

People are challenged to walk their path, because they carry too much baggage on their backs. To walk the path easily, get rid of all the excess baggage. Get rid of the excess possessions, and the incorrect views that are weighing you down.

To find the Truth, walk the path.

If you walk the path long enough, you’ll realize the Truth is the path. Now you are more awake, and more enlightened.


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