Best Birthday Ever – 49

Wow, what a birthday, I received the best presents ever:

Teresa gave me her Love.  Thank you Teresa for sharing yourself with me.  Watching the Panthers beat the Saints together was special 🙂  Being present for each other is True Love.

Zoe gave me her artwork, it received 95 “likes” and counting on Facebook! Thank you Zoe for being so loving and fun.


Jessie Jo gave me her Poem (it’s for Mom too, her Christmas present, so shhh it’s a secret). Jessie Jo worked on it for five years, and it is, wow, it is perfection.  Blown away.


Joshua gave us his passion.  He worked 7 hours yesterday loading December 2014 data into Flipper, and working on Aunt Ruth’s computer. He is so passionate about IT, takes after me so much.  He’s a natural coder, but an even better Mathematician.  Between Josh and I, our dreams are being made into reality.  I should have take a picture!, will do that next time, he works on this every Saturday.

Jake’s gift touched my heart so much.  His gift was music, and did he ever deliver.  Thank you Jake, I’ve never been so humbled and so proud at the same time.

These gifts did not come from Walmart, or Amazon. They come from the heart.  They are priceless and precious.  Thank you my children, and my Teresa, for the best birthday ever.



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