Spirit – Wilbanks Family Beliefs

  • Each of us, we are more than just our thoughts, more than our mind.  Our thoughts are not who we are.  We are Spirit.
  • Spirit is part of every living being
  • Every spirit is a wave on the ocean of the great spirit.  We are all part of one great spirit.  Different traditions have different names for the great spirit, but regardless, know that you are a wave on the vast ocean of the great spirit.
  • We must believe in Truth, and in Love.   This is the ‘noun’ and the ‘verb’ of the great spirit.  Truth is Sacred, Love Divine.
  • Every living being is a sacred part of the great Spirit. In knowing this, we can be present for others, to have our spirit join with theirs, in each moment.  This is Love for one another.
  • When our body dies, our spirit remains as part of the great spirit.  We are, and will always be.

Our Creed

  • To know Truth and Love, you must “Be Yourself”.  That is our most fundamental purpose in life, is simply to be who we are.  To be complete, whole, and happy in the Truth of who we are.
  • To get the most out of life, you must always “Do Your Best”.  That is the path to being your Best Self.
  • In Love, we must put others first, you must, “Love Your Family”.  That is what makes you a Wilbanks, we put Family first.

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