Proud of my Joshua

Was concerned about Joshua after his car incident last week.  Felt like we were getting distant.

Took him out for clothes shopping and dinner last night, and Cassie came along.  Had a wonderful time.  He and Cassie are really great together, they are best friends.

He really thought out what he needed to do to earn the money to repair his car.  He intends to work 20hrs a week for 10 months to make up the money.   He really thought this through.

At the end of dinner, he showed me his Logarithm proof, writing it on the back of receipts.  He is so smart and brilliant, but more than that, he is very loving and kind.  His heart is really showing through, especially in how he treats Cassie.  He is a fine young man, that I”m very proud of, and would want my daughters to date (if they weren’t his sisters! 🙂

I learned to be the person ‘he’ needs me to be, rather than expecting him to meet my distorted expectations.   Thay’s teaching, and Eckhart’s, helped me a lot in this.

I told him I want him to be a “16 yr old”, and to enjoy his Jr. year in High school.   I Love him so much, and never want us to be distant.   It’s easier with the other kids, but Josh is so much his own man, it can be a challenge to actively stay close, so I’m being an Active Parent and doing my best.   Teresa’s advice has been very helpful in this regard.

Love Dad.


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