What Love Is

Love does not exist, on it’s own in nature, it is spirit.  It is the ultimate Meme.   Love only exists when we create it.

When we say God is Love, it is a tribute to the ultimate meme, the survival meme.  Love did not exist as we know it today, in the Age of Dinosaurs, it was there, but at a reptilian level.  The survival meme, from parent to child, most appropriate for today, Father’s Day.

When Gandhi said, “God is Truth above all”, I can now fully understand that.  Reality is God.  Love is something we create or destroy.  Since we are in charge of that, then humans, are God, in the “God Is Love” sense.  As Heinlein put it, “All that groks is God.”

This insight thanks to my daughter, Jessie Jo Wilbanks, sharing Bo Burnham with me,  Such a wonderful insight.
Thank you Jess.


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