January 7th, 2014 – the day it all came together

Today, the Truth revealed itself, in all it’s simplicity and glory.

The Triune brain gives us three levels of thinking: instinctual, emotional, and rational.  (reptile brain, paleomammal, new mammal).

For the brain to be healthy, it needs the healthy emotions.   We can’t think well, we can’t remember well at all, and it’s very difficult to sleep unless you have positive emotions.   The rational and the emotional brains feed off of each other.

Throw into this, the concept of God and religion.   Now we can see why it’s so necessary; the positive emotions make us healthy, even though the underlying beliefs are irrational.   Bottom line:  All Religion, all ‘spirituality’ is just accessing a deeper part of our Triune brain.  It’s all in our heads and always has been.

It’s clear now that we created religion as a way to stay mentally healthy.   This works for you if you accept the beliefs. Even if some are supernatural, the result is a happier, healthier, more moral person.   That is unless, you are a thinking person that questions the supernatural beliefs.  Then this brings you frustration, anxiety, and stress.

There are a lot of downsides:  supernatural belief can lead you to make irrational , and even harmful, decisions.  Not to mention the expenditure of time and resources.   Now, people are against same-sex marriage, because the Bible tells them to be that way.  (Note that Jesus never said that.).    People are turning over their right to think, to the church.  That is foul, immoral, and wrong.  And that is why I left.

Religion causes you a problem, and then proposes the solution.   Instead, discard Religion, and you discard the problem.  No more discordant thoughts, no more anxiety because you expect yourself to believe something that you know isn’t completely right.  For a rational person, peace and harmony can fill your being, the bad thoughts have vanished.

So 2 facts emerge:
1) We need positive emotions to be mentally healthy.

2) Supernatural religion is totally and completely imaginary.

However, we DO need to fulfill these emotional needs.  The best way I think:  Accomplishment.   Set a goal, and achieve it.   That is emotionally fulfilling,and it actually changes the world.

And secondly, Love One Another.  Know that all we have are each other.   Each person IS a sacred being, and a sacred light, because they are unique in the entire universe.  We are, each of us, the only one of us their is.  This makes us sacred; and we should each be cherished.

Combining these, if you accomplish something in the service of others, that brings joy.

Realizing that we are all sacred and unique, can help us to love everyone, including our enemies.  And that was the whole point to begin with wasn’t it? 🙂  (full circle).

P.S. – the analogies of inner light, and spirit are useful for providing a concrete handle to the abstractness of our being.  Like parables, the metaphors of spirituality and religion serve a practical purpose.

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