Final Decision, final Truth

I believe in Christ when he teaches us that we should not focus on material wealth, and we should love our friends AND our enemies.   He was right on the mark.

As with most things in life, neither side is right on the great religious debate.   Classical God  (aka Magic God) is imaginary, and there are NT verses that prove it (ex. Matthew 21:22, Ephesians 6:2).
We must understand that all we have is each other. Love IS God, if we make it so.  However, materialism and the greed that powers it, is hollow, empty, and destructive.

What I’ve come to realize, is that we must love each other, fully, completely, and without reservation.   We don’t need religious belief, that only distracts from our inherent ability to love.   And we definitely don’t need excess material possession, that also takes us away from the only thing that IS important:  Each Other.

We can love our fellow man just as much as we love the family dog, cause Love is that simple and beautiful.  Make it So.–D. Wilbanks


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