Truth, Love, Best, Now, Make

We all need a bedrock of beliefs to build our lives upon.  These five principles declare the foundation for the Dale and Teresa Wilbanks family.

1. Truth
Respect yourself enough to accept only truth, and reject all else.  Reason is your guide.  Truth is the only standard.

2. Love
Love is the purpose of Life. Put your children and your spouse first in your life; this is your sacred duty. This is what makes you a Wilbanks.
Love others while being fair to yourself; win-win will make the world a better place.

3. Best
Any job worth doing is worth doing right; always do your best.  Excel at what you do, and life will blossom.

4. Now
There is no moment except the present.  Live in every breath. (ref: Eckhart Tolle)

5. Make
Life is what you make it.  Period.  Make it Happen.

These beliefs; our religion, can be called Truth-Love-Best-Now-Make, or TLBNM, a subset of Rationalism.    While we don’t follow a god or gods (other than Love ie. God is Love), we do fully respect the right of each person to do do.  While we do not enforce our beliefs on others, we we are willing to share and discuss them.   Of the popular religions,  we are most closely aligned with Universal Unitarianism.


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