Who I Am

Truth is God (Gandhi of course).  I used to say that God is Truth and Love.  Now I just believe in Truth and Love (what some people refer to as God).  Believing in Truth and Love, with no metaphor, is real, there is no supernatural connotation.
I Believe in Truth and Love.

People who are empty of beliefs fail.
People who hold incorrect beliefs fail.
The truth is in the middle, a balance between.

We need beliefs, we must have them.  and they must be TRUE beliefs.

The past is a heritage of Christianity.   Teachers, prophets and saviors, people often dedicated to Love.

The past, nor the future, exists.  Only the Now. (eckhart tolle)

– Love your family and yourself

balanced with

– Be excellent to others.

Now, who I am, is a realist,.  The goal in life is to balance the love of family/self and the service to others, while being built on a foundation of Truth.

Realist: One who believes in seeing things the way they really are, as opposed to how they would like them to be.

There are no fairies, there are no santas, there are no unicorns.  There are people, and the love we show to one another, period.

Life isn’t easy, it isn’t the sweet powder puff served to us by religion.  Life is tough.  Strap on your helmet and make it happen.  That is how to get through life.

The truth is, this philosophy is true.  Absolutely true.  Can be proven and repeated time and time again.

I Love my family, I am good to others.  I make it happen, my faith is in my actions, in my family, and in the future.  Good days are ahead. I believe in Truth and Love.  I’m proud of that.  I am a realist, and an optimist, always 🙂


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