Logical Advantage – The best software development company in the SouthEast! (and my employer) If you need custom software, or you’d like to work for us, contact me at dalewilbanks@gmail.com, so that I can collect the referral bonus 🙂

Scot Gu’s blog – Corporate Vice President in the Microsoft Server and Tools Business. He has the inside scoop on the latest / greatest technologies coming out of Redmond.

Joel On Software – Joel Spolsky provides some of the most practical advice on software development you’ll find.

Stack Overflow – Joel’s brain child for developer collaboration. It’s built using jQuery/MVC3/C#/SqlServer (same technology stack as this site) which is my recommendation for most web apps going forward.

IDesign.Net – IDesign is an architecture power house: Juval Lowy, Brian Noyes, Dino Esposito and more. This team has written more MSDN articles between them than any group you’ll find. Juval is one of the people MS goes to for advice: in 2008 he was kind enough to provide our team design guidance on SOA, and at the time he was in Redmond advising the WCF team on their release of WCF 1.0. Juval’s book Programming .NET Components was a watershed moment for me. It opened my eyes to the low coupling / hi cohesivness principles behind component oriented programming. Juval’s IDesign Method (aka simply as “the method”) is an architectural tour de force that no architect should be without. In my career, I’ve been a disciple of the method, and followed IDesign’s C# Coding Standard as the way to write C#.  The free resources that you’ll find on this site are indispensable. If you get a chance to take an IDesign Master Architect training course, do not pass it up.

W3Schools.com – Best reference and tutorial site for HTML, CSS, Javascript, XML, you name it.  And it’s free.

sensible.com – Steve Krug, the author of “Don’t Make Me Think”, the seminal Bible on UX (user experience). If you’ve never read this book buy it now, buy copies for all your friends, memorize it, then live it. “Don’t Make Me Think” is a watershed in the movement towards usable web sites / applications. This book continues to power the UX design philosphy of RightContent.

MSDN – I don’t have to tell you about this site, but it’s handy to list it as a quick link.

Martin Fowler – the world’s foremost authority on Design Patterns, and a godfather of the Agile movement

Brady Gaster – Local Charlotte, NC architect that is now working with Microsoft as a technical evangelist.

Steve Sanderson – Microsoft progam manager that blogs on best ways to build mobile/web apps using MVC/jQuery/Knockout approaches

Scot Hanselman – Principal Program Manager for Microsoft who is a prolific blogger on all things .Net

CSSTricks – my favorite CSS3 site, excellent articles on cutting edge CSS.

caniuse.com – Compatibility tables for support of HTML5, CSS3, SVG and more in desktop and mobile browsers.


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