To Live or Make Believe

5/15/2012 – 5/26/2012

To Live or Make Believe

You’ve been there since I was a babe,
Rescued me from the fires of Hell.
A four year old, scared to death, in fear for life itself.

The blackened sky of a twelve year old,
Vast, starry, all alone.
Cried out so you’d bring my Daddy back, but the abandoner was gone.

As life moved on, I found new toys,
And left you in the chest.
The joy of living far 
exceeded, my fear of cursedness.

When answered prayers brought me a wife,
a child, and family,
My gratitude sang out in praise, and I gave my life to thee.

For thirteen years I’ve chased this dream,
To find a better me.
It’s cost my heart, my mind and soul, but has never given peace.

Now the future’s left upon the altar,
The cost of reasoning,
As a sacrifice must be made, my mind or my beliefs.

“Who Has The Final Say in Your Life?”
The church sign’s questioning,
Courage now displaces fear; I answer “It is Me.”

For God so loved the human race,
that he made us to be free,
And with our minds, we each must choose, to live or make believe.

–D. Wilbanks

(copied from my former blog



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